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Bitcoin Spark is Mortgage Micro-diversification

Pairing bitcoin with your mortgage in small amounts can accelerate pay-off by several years and diversify wealth.

Number of  Mortgages

50 Million

Avg. Home Price Appreciation


Number of Bitcoins

21 Million

Avg. Bitcoin Appreciation


How it Works

Step 1

Understand Why?

Opposites attract. Pairing fiat debt (i.e. a mortgage) with a small amount of Bitcoin enables homeowners to use fluctuations in price and to accelerate pay-off over 20yrs.

Our Bitcoin thesis for mortgages
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Dollar Cost Average to Buy

We encourage responsible risk and limit BTC purchase to a total of 1-3% of loan amount. The position is accumulated slowly with DCA to reduce cost basis.

Step 2

Step 3

Value Harvest to Sell

The Bitcoin position is rebalanced monthly and sold to capture gains and lock in losses. Gains are applied to mortgage principal & losses offset taxable gains.

The Altgage Advantage

Buy Low, Sell High.

Automated, simple and effective with dollar cost averaging & value harvesting

Asymmetric Upside

Small amounts limit downside, but upside is uncapped over 30yrs of a mortgage

Baby Steps

Bitcoin is a new form of money. Understand its benefits on your largest asset.

Own your home faster with bitcoin diversification

Own your home faster with Bitcoin Spark

Depend on volatility to make a big dent

Bitcoin has unique properties of fixed supply & a volatile price. Volatility is good for automated buy-low & sell-high strategies.

  • Downside risk limited to 1-2% of loan amount
  • High upside probability due to a long, >20yr investment horizon
  • Rule based buying and selling minimizes execution risk

Save up to $100,000*