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Lower mortgage rates up to 1% and reduce down payments up to 50%.

Fee free mortgage rate searches reduce variation in pricingRates are not very sensitive to down paymentsUnit cost of discount points are non-linear
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How Deal Optimizer works?

Step 1

Search for low rates

Everyone shops for mortgage rates but compare apples and oranges. Cut through the noise and find the "par" rate with 0 points and fees. That enables a fair comparison

Reduce down payments

Lower down payments don't always mean higher rates. Down payments have discrete thresholds, so 10.1% and 15% down could have the same rate!  Tuning down payments reduces cash to buy while balancing rates.

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Step 3

Evaluate discount points

Lenders provide "par" rates along with the "cost to buy" a lower rate, or a "credit to accept" a higher rate. Our algorithms analyze rate data to make precise recommendations.

Understand how points work
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Create the best mortgage deal

Fees paid to brokers & loan originators can be hidden in a higher rate. We value transparency and keep fees low. Homebuyers get the best deal or we'll tell you where to go

Get mortgage deals
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Why Deal Optimizer?

A Better Deal for Homeownership

PMIs so low, your phone bill will look expensive.

A Competitive Search Process

We do mortgages like Google flights does airlines

Optimize Rates & Down Payments

Great deals customized for you

What homebuyers like you saved...

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It is financial decisions made easy on your largest home purchase. It will be hard to find a better deal. They also worked through HOA issues on my behalf and closed on time. I'm a happy homeowner.

Natalie B. - Consultant

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Altgage is an incredible advocate for customers. They helped us lower our down payment and reduce rates at the same time. We could not have imagined a better outcome for our home purchase

Thomas H. - Healthcare

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We reduced our down-payment by 50% and the total cost of loan. It was like a $70,000 magic trick. I could have purchased a home 3 years ago if I'd known about the Altgage approach.

Vaibhav S. - Data Scientist

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