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Smart mortgage management altgage

Save up to $100,000* in down payments, mortgage interest, and fees.

Unit cost of discount points are non-linear

Reduce rates by 1% and put up to 10% less down with Deal Optimizer

It's mortgage math that works for you

  • Tune down payments to save cash
  • Use 1-2% of cash savings to lower rates with discount points
  • Shop for the lowest fees and PMI as low as 0.1%

Save $70K* in interest with Altgage PrePay

Payback is unfair. Let's make it equal

  • A unique formula that decreases prepayments every month
  • Save risk-free and build up to 100% more equity upfront
  • It's 2x better than paying bi-weekly because of compounding
Prepay pays less vs bi-weekly payments, saves more, and builds more equity in 10yrs

What customers like you saved...

I literally saved tens of thousands of dollars. They take what others purposely make confusing and simplified it into financial wisdom to pay down my home faster and save on mortgage interest.

William S. - Entrepreneur

My prepayment increase was only $1/day more due to PMI deletion. I can save $49,000 in mortgage interest and no-one told me about this option. I can make my mortgage flexible to fit my needs.

Chip L. - Executive Assistant

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We reduced our down-payment by 50% and the total cost of loan. It was like a $70,000 magic trick. I could have purchased a home 3 years ago if I'd known about the Altgage approach.

Vaibhav S. - Data Scientist

A note from our founder

Sukesh Shekar, PhD

Founder & CEO

The American dream is not affordable anymore

I am a first-generation immigrant. I came to study and pursue the American dream. Homeownership is essential to that dream but seems near impossible today. A 15-year mortgage costs too much and 30 yrs is a lifetime. My family grew, jobs changed, and home equity boomed, but the payment stayed unchanged. I started Altgage to reimagine what a mortgage can be: not just lifelong debt, but leverage for a better life

Our Story
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Mortgage management to build wealth

Home equity is 80% of an avg. American's net worth. This concentration occurs because mortgages pay interest first. Every move or refinance restarts the interest clock. The word "mortgage" literally translates to "agreement till death."  At Altgage, our vision is a smart mortgage that keeps up with life. Managing a mortgage should be stress free so you can chase after the American dream that inspires you.

Our Vision
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Save up to $100,000*