Lower rates Smarter mortgages

Reduce rates by 0.5% on avg. and save up to $50,000 in mortgage interest.

Affordable Mortgages

  • Down payments as low as 1%*
  • Closing cost assistance up to $5,250*
  • Low rates on FHA, VA and Conventional loans*

*Altgage is a wholesale mortgage broker offering below avg. rates. 1% down-payment with 2% non-repayable grant is available for home prices up to $350,000 if FICO scores are higher than 620 and income is less than 80% of Area Median Income. Closing cost assistance is for current residents of minority-tract Census areas.

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Smart prepayments

  • Invest a little towards principal, and save a lot on interest
  • Prepayments automatically decrease each month
  • Build up to 2x more equity

Altgage PrePay helps homeowners make smarter extra payments upfront that directly reduce the principal balance. Prepayments decrease every month as equity builds fairly and savings compound. Altgage is not a mortgage servicer. Homeowners retain responsibility for monthly mortgage payments paid directly to mortgage servicers.

Link your mortgage

Refinance on time

  • Track mortgage rates and refi on time
  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Customize the loan length*

Refinancing can restart your loan. Altgage keeps track of your current mortgage relative to market interest rates and can alert you when savings opportunities arise. Our customizable loan lengths can keep your pay-off plans on track while also reducing the monthly payment.

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Retire earlier, live better

A home equity conversion mortgage (HECM)* could help

  • Don't let bad stock market timing ruin your retirement
  • Coordinate home equity draws with your 401K
  • Protect your wealth and leave a lasting legacy

A home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) is a FHA insured loan for principal residences of homeowners 62yrs or older. HECMs consume equity and do not require principal or interest payments . Owners are responsible for home maintenace, insurance and taxes.

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Save money with Altgage

Save money with Altgage

Save money with Altgage

Save money with Altgage

Apply in 15 minutes  •  Get approved in 24 hours  •  Close in 15 days

Wholesale rates, Concierge service

  • Every life is unique, so is every loan
  • Great options at pre-negotiated rates
  • A dedicated pro from pre-approval to close

Down payment assistance 

  • Get up to $7,000 with 1% down
  • Address based grants for $5,250
  • Request escrow waivers with 5% down

Discount points, that make sense

  • See the “par-rate” with no baked-in costs
  • Find deals on discount points for big savings
  • Take lender credits when premiums are small

Transparent costs, No hidden fees

  • Pay for underwriting & fair broker fee
  • No processing or junk fees
  • No cost credit reports

A Credit Boost, with rapid rescore

  • We’ll run a credit simulation and tell you what do to
  • Follow through and enjoy rate savings
  • Qualify for more & lower your PMI

Every home has a story





“Maria wanted a home for her daughter. Altgage increased her budget by $30,000 and helped find a $3,800 grant.”

Maria, like many Americans is an immigrant. She serves her community as a "personal shopper" at HEB, a Texas grocery store. Maria is a devoted mom and wanted an affordable home for her small family. After paying nearly half of her income as rent, Maria wanted to buy a home by and build equity. However, high interest rates limited her homebuying budget to $160,000. Maria discovered Altgage through our realtor referral network and used the low rates on offer to elevate her homebuying budget by $30,000. She also received a 2% down payment grant totaling $3,800. At Altgage, we believe in the American dream of homeownership and "affordable mortgages for everyone.”

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Houston, Texas

5-Star Review

“Chad and Tstatsa beat their local credit union's interest rate by 0.5% and used Altgage to transfer their home appraisal through a tricky process.”

Tsatsa and Chad met at UC Santa Barbara while pursuing their PhDs in Chemical Engineering and Computer Security. Chad runs Allthenticate, a security startup that believes “all passwords are weak” and instead helps users store security tokens that unlock everything from computers to physical doors. Tsatsa immigrated from Mongolia an loves spending time with her brothers when she’s not working as a chemical engineer. Chad and Tsatsa purchased their first home in Texas after learning the art of the possible in mortgages with Altgage. Closing day was also Tsatsa's birthday and a new home seemed like the perfect gift.  

Tsatsa and chad with family

Chad and Tstatsa

Rosharon, Texas

5-Star Review

“Rob boosted his credit over 50pts to qualify for an FHA loan as a first time homebuyer.”

Rob works for a Swiss security firm and recently transferred to the US. Buying a home with limited credit history can be a challenge, but Altgage's helped Rob and his wife, Melaine, quickly boost their credit and qualify for an FHA loan. It was a dream come true to finally have the space they've always wanted. Melaine also introduced her sister, Tashna, a nurse practitioner to finance her home with great rates and concierge service that every hoembuyer deserves.

Rob and Melaine - homebuyers

Rob and Melaine

Katy, Texas

5-Star Review

“Casey financed her retirement home, helped her son and several friends buy their dream home with market low rates”

After a lifetime in real-estate, Casey built her dream home in Horseshoe Bay. As with every construction, homes takes longer and cost more than expected. Altgage was able to boost Casey's credit by over a 100 points and provide financing just when it was needed to the most to bring her dream home to life.  

After being impressed with Altgage's rates, credit boost, and 15 day closings, Casey introduced several family, friends and clients to get great deals on home ownership.

Casey Wise - Realtor


Horseshoe Bay, Texas

5-Star Review

Pre-qualify instantly

Upgrade to underwritten approvals in 48 hrs

Instant pre-quals

  • Soft credit pull
  • Automated
  • Income & asset based
  • Customizable to suit your budget

Underwritten approvals

  • Hard credit pull
  • Fully verified by underwriting team
  • W2 or tax return verification
  • Bank statement verification

Close in 15 days

Buying a home is exciting, and we believe financing shouldn’t hold you back. Once you sign initial disclosures, we will help you close in 15 business days or less.

Contract-to-Close Timeline
















Upload a signed contract

Once you upload a signed contract, you’ll receive initial disclosure and your official loan estimate within 24hrs.

Sign initial disclosures

Review all documents and sign your “intent to proceed” and authorization forms so the loan can go to underwriting for approval.

Get conditionally approved

An approval means your are well on your way and have a few remaining conditions to close the loan

Order the appraisal

The appraisal is typically the only thing paid for prior to closing to get an independent value of the home to avoid overpaying

Shop for home insurance

Hazard insurance is essential to protect your home. Select your coverage and we help link it to your mortgage before closing day.

Receive title commitment

A clear title ensures you are purchasing a property free from any liens or encumbrance and you ownership interest is protected.

Satisfy final requirements

We’ll help you respond to any added requests from underwriting such as verification of employment and assets and ensure your rate is locked until closing day.

Read the Closing disclosure

The closing disclosure is received at least 3 days before closing with any updates to terms such as rates, escrow and closing costs.

Get “Cleared to Close”

The “CTC” means no more actions are pending and the loan is ready to enter final balancing with the title company and close.

Congrats, it’s Closing day!

Prepare the funds to close via wire or cashier’s check and review your closing package. Sign all the documents and collect your keys. Congrats on becoming a homeowner! You did it!