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The choice is yours

The choice is yours

The choice is yours

The choice is yours

Save on monthly payments

  • Put cash back in your pocket
  • Build more equity in your home

Choose your loan length

  • Keep your mortgage on track
  • Save thousands on interest

Cash-out to consolidate debt

  • Pay-off credit cards or personal loans
  • Reduce overall debt service


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Refinancing saves on payments, but costs more in total interest


Customize your loan length to your financial goals

  • Lower monthly payment AND total interest
  • Choose any loan length between 15 - 29 yrs
  • Take money out to pay-off higher interest debt

Monthly Payment

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Rate and Term Refinance

Custom Term Refinance

Custom built to save you money

Altgage offers ultra competitive rates and a hassle free refi. Low and transparent fees reduce the breakeven period for an "in the money" refinance. Get the best value and save on what is most people largest line item on a the monthly budget. We believe mortgages can do more to build a better life!

  • Customize your refinance options
  • Cash out to consolidate debt
  • Choose the loan length
  • Track your rate
  • Low fees


Refinancing occurs 12 months late on avg.


Track your rates with Altgage and refi on-time, every time

Stay ahead of the game by tracking mortgage rates. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to monitor the market and seize the perfect opportunity to refinance when market rates dip below your current rate. With real-time notifications, you'll never miss a chance to save money on your largest monthly expense.

Track your rate in 3 steps

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Connect your mortgage in 1 minute

Answer a few security questions to verify your identity and connect your mortgage provider in less than 1 minute.

Verify your mortgage interest rate

We collect interest rate data from major mortgage providers and other sources like credit bureaus. Edit your rate if it doesn’t seem right.

Get notified when it's time to save

We’ll continuously monitor your mortgage rate against market low rates for refinancing and let you know when it’s take to refi and start saving.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

What is a rate and term refinance?

Traditional refinancing lowers the mortgage rate and resets the loan length i.e. rate and term. A rate and term refinance can lower the payment but extend the loan length and restart the loan

  1. Interest Rate: If you can refinance your mortgage at a lower interest rate, you will pay less each month, but the overall interest expense will depend on the term of the new mortgage.
  2. Loan Term: If you choose a longer loan term when refinancing (e.g., a 30-year term when you are 5yrs in, your monthly payments will also reduce because you are extending a smaller principal balance over a longer loan term.

Why should I customize my refinance?

Our refinancing process lets you choose the loan term. You can keep your existing loan length instead of restarting a 30yr loan. Customizing the loan length gives greater control over your financial goals you’ll have greater control over your budget and payoff goals.

"in the money" refinancing

We track mortgage rates for all our customers and let them know when it's time to refinance. They typical adage of refinance once rates are 1% lower is wrong. If the cost of refinancing is low, you could refi when rates drop 0.25-0.5%. The key is to not restart your loan and keep debt pay-off on track.

How much does it cost to refinance?

The short answer is about 2%, but here's a breakdown

  1. Underwriting fee: about $1000

  2. Appraisal fee: About $700 - $800 but you may be able to reuse an existing appraisal if it's less than a year old

  3. Attorney fees: In some states, an attorney must review and file paperwork for your loan. Attorney fees can vary widely but a good estimate is $1,000

  4. Title search and insurance: Title insurance averages 0.5% – 1% of the property’s purchase price and is set by the state

  5. Origination fees: is what we charge to process and broker the loan. and is typically less than 1% of the loan amount.

What is a "no cost" refinance?

If rates fall sufficiently you can use lender credits to cover closing costs and accept a rate that is lower than your current rate but higher than the lowest rate available to you.

A "no-closing-cost" refinance option doesn’t require you to pay any closing costs upfront, but the fees do exist and are baked into the rate.

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