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Pay your mortgage faster Save $100,000*

Altgage PrePay is an extra payments service that repays loans fairly and build up to 2x more equity. Prepayments decrease every month as savings grow tax-free.

Paying interest first isn't fair

That's $348K* of interest on a $300K loan

  • It takes 6+ yrs to repay the first 10% of a loan
  • Selling a home destroys 8% of equity and restarts interest
  • The debt trap is real. 10 million retirees still have a mortgage
Mortgages pay interest first and very little principal
Prepay invests a little upfront and saves a lot over time

Pay more principal and save on interest

Shorter mortgages, more equity, less interest

  • 10% of your loan paid in 10% of time. Build equity fairly
  • Prepayments decline automatically and stop after ~10+yrs
  • Tax-free savings compound for the rest of your loan

PrePaying a $300K mortgage at 6%

Payment Schedule
Principal & Interest
Decreasing PrePay + 3% Fee
Total Savings
Month 1
$535 + $16 Fee
Month 2
$531 + $16 Fee
Month 30
$414 + $12 Fee
Month 120
$39 + $1 Fee
Month 130
PrePay Ends
Month 240
Month 290
Loan Ends
Month 360
$34,574 + $1,037 Fees

What homeowners like you saved...

I literally saved tens of thousands of dollars. They take what others purposely make confusing and simplified it into financial wisdom to pay down my home faster and save on mortgage interest.

William S. - Entrepreneur

Customer picture

I answered a couple of questions and my mortgage showed up. I connected my checking account via Plaid and was ready to PrePay. I'm investing $100 on avg. to save $40k and will pay my mortgage 7 yrs faster.

Mayur C. - Web 3 developer

A picture of Vaibhav

We reduced our down-payment by 50% and the total cost of loan. It was like a $70,000 magic trick. I could have purchased a home 3 years ago if I'd known that Altgage PrePay can pay-off my largest debt.

Vaibhav S. - Data Scientist

How PrePay works

Instantly verify your mortgage

Answer a few security questions to connect your mortgage data in 90 seconds

See mortgage savings and prepayments

PrePay makes extra payments to principal, shortens your loan, and saves interest

Connect your bank securely start saving

Link your checking account with Plaid's  banking API using 256-bit encryption

Invest in your family's future

There's a smarter way to pay-back your mortgage


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Frequently Asked Question?

Should I prepay my mortgage?

Mortgages make money for banks, not you. In the beginning, with rates at 7%, less than 1/10th of PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) goes to principal. If you move in 5-10 years, you'll lose the hardest earned equity and restart the cycle of debt. With PrePay you'll always pay your loan fairly, and build up to 100% more equity.

How does prepaying save money?

First, putting money in your mortgage is 2-3x better than a high yield savings account. If your savings account pays 1.5%, but your mortgage rate is 4.5%, you'll save 3x more by putting excess cash to work. Second, since 100% of prepayments go to principal, gains compound over time . Third, your savings are non-taxable and risk-free.

Can't I pay extra directly with my bank?

Banks won't tell you this, but paying the same amount each month isn't best for you. $100 invested in year 1 is worth $447 but the same $100 invested in year 20 is only worth $163. Altgage PrePay is smart and automatically decreases prepayments by a few dollars every month. The bulk of PrePay happens in the first 5 years and declines to 0 by year ~10.  You'll also invests ~32% less and save ~43% more vs making 1 extra payment a year.

What's the fee to use Altgage PrePay?

Our fees are less than a fancy cup of coffee (on avg.) and 3% of your extra payment. On a prepayment of $279 you'll pay ~$8.1 in fees. As your prepayment decreases each month, so do our fees. We also use these fees to help operate the Altgage platform securely, develop innovative products and reach more homeowners.

Altgage is smart prepayments service, not your loan servicer.

You retain 100% responsibility to continue making minimum monthly payments to your mortgage servicer. We only optimize and automate extra payments to principal that decrease every month.  Altgage helps make your mortgage smart, track rates, build and access more equity. You can turn off PrePay and return anytime.

Any other benefits I should know?

Altgage is a smart mortgage manager that works for you, not banks. The average homeowner now has >$300K in home equity. We enable easy access to equity and inexpensive options to refinance through our lending partners.

PrePay to Save up to $100,000*