Altgage Copilot

Your mortgage superpower

Mortgage AI for homebuyers and agents

Your personal banker

  • Understand your buying power
  • Access market low rates
  • Pre-qualify instantly
  • Available 24x7

More bang for the buck

Calculate buying power

Altgage Copilot iPad

How it works

How it works

How it works

How it works

Get prequalified in 60 seconds

Instant pre-quals

Soft credit check

Understand your liability profile and Vantage 4 credit score without any impact to your credit score

Maximize buying power

Simulate debt pay off to improve debt-to-income ratios and achieve the full potential of your homebuying dreams

Upgrade to an underwritten pre-approval in 24hrs

When you’re ready, submit income and asset documents for verification and upgrade to an underwritten pre-approval.

A helping hand for everyone

Down payment assistance

  • Income limited programs
  • Address based help
  • For 1st time buyers
  • And local heroes

Detailed closing costs upfront

Affordable rates

  • Understand your monthly payment
  • Estimate PMI, taxes and insurance
  • Optimized loan scenario analysis

Pre-qualify instantly

Get underwritten approvals in 1-2 days

No hidden fees

Transparent and fair fees translate to lower rates. Altgage charges 30-50% less on average to originate mortgages.

Save on PMI

Pay a little for private mortgage insurance (PMI) and become a homeowner. That's a great deal

Smart rate options

There’s a right price for every deal. Get advice on buying discount points or get lender credits when the trade-off is in your favor

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Realtors love us.

It’s a competitive and difficult market for homebuyers. Rates are high and the amount of information available is overwhelming. Altgage provides synthesized recommendations from trustworthy sources in a no-pressure setting. Partner with Altgage to give your homebuyers and edge.

With Altgage's low rates, I was able to put my client in their dream home that was $50K more while keeping their payment the same. They consistently close deals in 15 days which is a real advantage in competitive offer situations and for clients looking to move fast.

Brandon Nava - Realtor

Brandon Nava

Realtor and Influencer

Partner with us.