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Lower rates on time with ReFi Tracker

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How it Works

Step 1

Track rate spreads

Altgage members can view the spread between their mortgage interest rate and market conditions.

Get ReFi alerts

When a Refi makes sense, get referred to discount brokers who keep costs low and offer a seamless experience.

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ReFi on-track with altgage

Refinancing lowers rates and monthly payments, but can increase total interest with by restarting the loan term. PrePay adds to principal to keep your loan on track

Understand how PrePay works
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The altgage advantage

Connect your mortgage

Answer a few security questions to connect your mortgage data in 90 seconds

We'll do the work

We track rates, refer you to discount brokers, and customize your refi

You do the saving

A lower mortgage rate means lower payments and more home equity

track mortgage rates automatically

Lower interest rates on time with ReFi Tracker

Automatic detection, fast refinancing, lightning savings
  • Track your mortgage vs market interest rates
  • Access discount brokers for low-cost refinancing
  • Seamlessly transition to your new loan, and stay on-track

Frequently Asked Question?

How do keep track of lower interest rates?

Our network of wholesale mortgage lenders refresh their "rate sheets" daily. Once you sign up as an Altgage customer, we retrieve data from your mortgage servicer and track the spread vs the best mortgage lenders. We'll let you know when a ReFi makes sense.  

Why should use Refi Tracker referrals for refinancing. 

We refer our customers to discount broker partners for low rates and seamless refinancing. Brokers pay us an advertising fee so we don't charge you directly for this service. We plan to expand our offerings for more great deals.

What is a "low cost" Refi?

We don't just search of rates, we look at entire "rate tables" which have multiple options. If rates fall sufficiently, some lower rates provide lender credits to defray most closing costs. A low-cost refi is appropriate for cash-sensitive owners who may not stay long.

How do you help keep my mortgage on-track after refinancing?

To amortize means "to kill slowly" over time. Every time you refi, rates and monthly payments go down; however, the term of the loan can increase. We can customize your mortgage payment after refinancing so your loan is paid-off on your original schedule or faster.

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