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Use home equity to eliminate debt HELOC Lasso

Homeowners have an avg. of ~$300,000 in equity. Use your wealth to consolidate high-interest debt & live on your terms.

A debt lasso consolidates high interest debt to low interest debt and uses improved cash flows to accelerate pay-off
Avg. credit card debt


Avg. homeowner's equity


Interest savings with consolidation


% of wealth  in home equity


How it Works

Step 1

Access home equity fast

If you are already an Altgage customer, you've built more equity than the avg. homeowner. We use your equity to issue a secure line of credit from our broker partners

Consolidate debt into a HELOC

The debt snowball and debt avalanche are not optimized. Consolidating debt to the lowest interest rate enables improved cash flows and faster debt elimination. HELOCs are secured by your home's equity and have lower interest rates than personal or unsecured loans.

Step 2

Step 3

Eliminate debt with a Lasso

Our debt optimization algorithms automatically allocates cash flows to high-interest and long-lasting debt. Be debt free faster for less, and build long-lasting wealth.

See how much the HELOC Lasso can save
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Why use the HELOC Lasso

Put your home's equity to good use

Homes can be more than shelter. Manage high-interest debt or fund an emergency when life happens

The best form of debt is  cheap and secure

Because a home equity line of credit is secured by your home, it's  low-risk and has lower rates

Optimize debt & equity to build wealth

Increase cash flows and pay down debt faster. Get back on track to building wealth

guard your retirement with a mortgage back up

Access equity to become debt-free HELOC Lasso

A smart line of credit for Homeowners

  • Put your cash to work, and rely on equity as a back-up
  • Manage consolidated debt repayment in one account
  • Lower cost of credit with tax advantages

Save up to $100,000*